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Fantasy3D.com's  Poser Tips and Tricks

Creating Posable Props:

Once you've completed a Pprop, and saved it as a cr2, change it's extension to pp2 and move it into the Runtime:library:props subdirectory. Doing this helps you to avoid the accidentally replacing the current figure with a Pprop, among other things. The Pprop will be just as posable as it was before, and you will probably have more success parenting it to a figure.

Source: wernbowl

Collecting Multiple Objects in a Single Prop File:

It's possible to add two props at the same time by giving the pp2 two seperate obj files to get (once again, you have to make sure the syntax is correct). These two (or more) props will be completely independent of each other. It has the same effect as adding a prop, then adding another prop, but you save time and helps group objects. This is useful for props that are naturally in groups such as shoes, etc.


Accurate Poser 3 Prop Placement:

For more accurate prop placement from the library first save your props as an .hr2 in the hair library.

Example: Put a gun prop in the figure's hand (figure in the default pose) and parent it to the head. Next, save it to the hair library, then rename it to .pp2 and move it to the Props section.

-Jeff H.

[Note: Poser 4 handles automatic parenting when you save the prop.   -underdog]

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